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Nature in Oklahoma 1

Nature in Oklahoma

While it was sunny this weekend we took a couple of walks and stopped by what I think was an “herb festival”. No idea what that means. But there was a really cool dog.

A Little Morganic 0

A Little Morganic

My wife and I started slowly opening some doors to a greener lifestyle at the beginning of last year when we decided to do only organic foods with our son. We would like to go all organic ourselves, but it can just get so costly. So for now, baby steps: today I took my first trip to Whole Foods. It was just for juice…but it’s a start.

Ah, Saturdays 0

Ah, Saturdays

Saturdays are usually pretty good. Today was no different. We had some kolaches, played a little b-ball at home, and headed out to the mall playground. Gotta love the weekend!