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Lecturing Lecture-Haters 0

Lecturing Lecture-Haters

I saw a tweet in the middle of the day – wish I could find it now – that remarked on the irony of a day full of lectures delivered to a roomful of people who love to decry the utility of lectures as a learning tool.

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Kornheiser then repeated one of his radio mantras: “If you put a live microphone in front of someone, eventually that person will say something wrong.” That’s true of all the radio greats like Stern, Imus and Limbaugh. (Though Kornheiser doesn’t have the national following of those hosts, he’s a fantastic...

The fall of “isms” 0

The fall of “isms”

A historical hallmark of “isms” and charismatic movements is to dig deeper when they falter—to insist that the “thing” itself, whether it be Peronism, or socialism, etc., had not been tried but that the leader had been undone by forces that hemmed him in.

Inventive Genius 2

Inventive Genius

Inventive genius requires pleasurable mental activity as a condition for its vigorous exercise. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a silly proverb. ‘Necessity is the mother of futile dodges’ is much nearer to the truth. The basis of the growth of modern invention is science, and science is almost...