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Mindlessness in Education 0

Mindlessness in Education

Mindlessness is the most pertinent and accurate criticism of American education. There has been a great deal of activity in the field of educational innovation and experimentation, but most of it has not been adequately evaluated…Charles Silberman noted that education “has suffered too long from too many answers and too...

“…what we fear we could become.” 0

“…what we fear we could become.”

But as the first grieving fades, and all those people Jackson’s lawyers paid to keep quiet get other people to pay for their stories, the tabloid tattling will return. The noise should be as instructive as it is ugly. It will force Michael Jackson’s fans and foes to ask: Why...

Is Faith Worth Anything? 0

Is Faith Worth Anything?

Faith has absolutely no value in itself; its value lies solely in its object. Faith is the eye that looks to Christ, the hand that lays hold of him, the mouth that drinks the water of life. And the more clearly we see the absolute adequacy of Jesus Christ’s divine-human...