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Farouk Shami’s strange radio ad 3

Farouk Shami’s strange radio ad

Farouk Shami is running for Governor in Texas. He’s got an impressive business resume, and some ambitious ideas, but I won’t be voting for him. For one, he’s betting $10 million and half his term that he can create 100,000 jobs in two years. That just doesn’t seem realistic. But...

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet 0

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet

I love reading Michael Crichton’s speeches about science and global warming. He blows me away. recently I’ve been reading “Aliens Cause Global Warming“, which has a lot to say about scientific “consensus” and junk science. Included is this statement about secondhand smoke: In 1993, the EPA announced that second-hand smoke...

You call that plagiarism? 3

You call that plagiarism?

In June, the estate of Adrian Jacobs issued proceedings at London’s High Court against Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, claiming that [J.K.] Rowling copied substantial parts of “The Adventures of Willy the Wizard — No 1 Livid Land” written by Jacobs in 1987. It said the plot of “Harry Potter and the...

Creative Slumps and Education 0

Creative Slumps and Education

Sam Nielson, an artist at Disney Interactive, writes this about creative expression and art education: Based on things I’ve read and seen (ie. just a hyphothesis), I believe there’s a big dip in creativity as artists increase in learning.  I think this is one source of the common (but mistaken)...

Integration 2


Me: Look! The University of Pennsylvania has a giant picture of a black scientist on the homepage. Wife:  And it says “integrating”.

Is the dictionary the best source? 0

Is the dictionary the best source?

When an author is trying to convince you that something means what you know it doesn’t, they’ll often go to the dictionary for support. How can a virtual church be [a local church]? Glad you asked. If you look up the word local in the dictionary, it means “belonging to...