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Starting Over (?)

I’ve been gone a while… But, inspired by my friend at The Valkyrie’s Call, I’ve decided to start writing again. Things will be a bit different, though. I won’t be focusing on any one thing, but five in particular: Coding, Tech, General Geekery, Dallas,  and Everything Else That Tickles My Fancy....

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Geeks Can’t Handle Change

We all know that already, but it’s amazing to see it every year when something new comes out. This time it’s how the whole internet seems to be collectively losing its shit over the Xbox One. Well, not the whole internet. Actual tech writers and reviewers seem to understand that...


Beating up on Chris Brown

There’s been a lot of it. And honestly, I can understand the, uh, “distaste” most of the women I know have for him – it’s earned.

None of it starts to bother me until I hear someone say he shouldn’t be allowed to perform, or that his albums should be taken off the market. Yes, he’s a violent, [insert string of negative adjectives here], creep, and we don’t really like him. Some truly hate him for what he’s done. But does that mean that now he can’t work?


MyComicr – An Adventure in Problem Solving

I have this problem when it comes to learning new things: if I don’t have a tangible problem in front of me – whether it’s an upcoming test or a “real life” issue – I have no motivation. I don’t really understand people who can just say, “You know, I’d...