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Apparently I Used to be a Democrat 1

Apparently I Used to be a Democrat

From a letter to the editor in the ACU Optimist: I have to agree, from a Democratic perspective, that the quote by — —– was out of line. Neither party is more or less Christian than the other. But the assertion that Christ didn’t say it was the government’s duty...

The end of self-segregation? 0

The end of self-segregation?

I’ve never liked self-segregation. When my parents went to parties they would seek out the black attendees and they would link on to each other, as though any minute someone would try to force them out and they’d have to fight for their right to stay. When we moved to...

Ideology is Good 2

Ideology is Good

You can learn a lot about a culture by looking at how it’s language developed. Take Latin as an example. It’s got something like 38 different words for “kill” (that’s a rough unscientific estimate…from my head). Kill in war. Kill in battle. Kill in a duel. Kill a stranger. Kill your brother. Kill your mother. Kill a baby. Kill a schmaby. That’s because they did a lot of killing.

We’ve got our own issues with that. Do you know how many different words we have for things like “mad”? Angry, frustrated, resentful, livid, exercised, agitated, irritated, wrathful, heated, ticked, peeved, P.O’d…. Or sad: depressed, downtrodden, distraught, distressed, grieved…. Emotion is clearly one of our big concerns.

But in the last couple of generations we’ve begun to accumulate – or at least convert – a lot of derogatory terms for “strong-willed”. Rigid, dogmatic, doctrinary…. I can’t remember where I was reading today, but there was a comment on the post that used a phrase that is becoming utterly ridiculous: “ideologically driven”.

Silly Bailout Commentary 0

Silly Bailout Commentary

I’m not in favor of the auto bailout as it stands. I don’t know if I would have even been in favor of it if the UAW gave in to the Republican demands in the Senate, but I know that a bankruptcy from GM or Chrysler will hurt a great...

Why Hate Wal-Mart? 0

Why Hate Wal-Mart?

For all the hatred of Wal-Mart out there, they seem to be doing their part to help two of the left’s favorite constituents: poor people, and the environment. The last time I got a prescription there, it cost $2. Not to mention the fact that the rest of my groceries...

Brian McLaren’s Bad Logic 0

Brian McLaren’s Bad Logic

Some subpar reasoning from one of the prominent leaders of Emergent and progressive evangelicalism: “I’ve only met one person in my travels in recent months who has said he is voting for McCain, and that was because he was an admittedly single-issue voter,” Mr. McLaren said. “Nearly all the vocal...