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Does Anyone Actually Know How the Environment Works?

I’m not saying that I do, it’s an honest question. In November 2005 Michael Crichton presented a lecture at the Washington Center for Complexity and Public Policy called “Complexity Theory and Environmental Management“. He used the mishandling of Yellowstone National Park over decades to show that we really have no idea how...

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet 0

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet

I love reading Michael Crichton’s speeches about science and global warming. He blows me away. recently I’ve been reading “Aliens Cause Global Warming“, which has a lot to say about scientific “consensus” and junk science. Included is this statement about secondhand smoke: In 1993, the EPA announced that second-hand smoke...

Physicalism in Science (Updated) 3

Physicalism in Science (Updated)

While contemplating the opening salvo of The God Delusion, I started thinking about the ideas of naturalism, materialism, and physicalism in relation to the scientific search to disprove the existence of God. After a while something was nagging at me…it just didn’t fit, logically.

Many people argue that the basis for Christian belief is circular. But it finally clicked for me yesterday that this crusade undertaken by Richard Dawkins and many other scientists, to effectively disprove the existence of God through science is equally circular.