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Geeks Can’t Handle Change

We all know that already, but it’s amazing to see it every year when something new comes out. This time it’s how the whole internet seems to be collectively losing its shit over the Xbox One. Well, not the whole internet. Actual tech writers and reviewers seem to understand that...


MyComicr – An Adventure in Problem Solving

I have this problem when it comes to learning new things: if I don’t have a tangible problem in front of me – whether it’s an upcoming test or a “real life” issue – I have no motivation. I don’t really understand people who can just say, “You know, I’d...


Beercamp 2012 Website and the Value (and Fun) of Experimentation

It’s easy to get boxed in by the reality of developing websites that are responsive, cross-platform, cross-browser, gracefully degrading, semantically perfect, progressively enhanced, _______, _______ and _______ (space to fill in upcoming buzzwords). These techniques are useful on production websites to ensure reach and consistency, but they can also limit...

Integration 2


Me: Look! The University of Pennsylvania has a giant picture of a black scientist on the homepage. Wife:  And it says “integrating”.