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Meet My Baby Girl!! 7

Meet My Baby Girl!!

She was born this morning (7/29) at 8:20. She was 12 days early and weighed 9lbs! Of course, that’s small for our families. Here are the first pictures from my camera. They aren’t the first ones online, because a friend posted some to facebook a few hours ago. Whatever happened...

Mindlessness in Education 0

Mindlessness in Education

Mindlessness is the most pertinent and accurate criticism of American education. There has been a great deal of activity in the field of educational innovation and experimentation, but most of it has not been adequately evaluated…Charles Silberman noted that education “has suffered too long from too many answers and too...

Repost: They Can’t Be Serious 0

Repost: They Can’t Be Serious

Originially posted December 14, 2007 Yesterday the New York Times Science section and today Good Morning America reported on a new study that came out in Nature: “Why Pregnant Women Don’t Tip Over”. Now, I don’t subscribe to the journal, so I don’t know if that’s the title of the...

Monopolies 0


“You think you have a monopoly on the truth.” I have¬† run across this phrase, and others like it, far too many times. I’d like to encourage you never to use it again. It’s the worst kind of cop out, and an inherently hypocritical statement. Copping Out When a person...

July So Far 0

July So Far

July has been pretty packed. I’m not including pictures of the two papers I’ve written. That would be boring, and you don’t like boring.