Writing Down the Jones

Four Truths About Education in America 1

Four Truths About Education in America

I just finished reading Charles Murray’s Real Education: Four simple truths for bringing America’s schools back to reality, and found it quite refreshing, and not just because I thought two of these things to be true before reading. Analyzing statistics on education, intelligence, ability, and achievement colleceted over the last hundred years, Murray says there are four things we must accept if we’re going to improve education in the US

Technology in Education 2

Technology in Education

Christian universities are competing with, and even outperforming others when it comes to technological innovation and integration into the classroom. But is there a cost associated with this advancement? How can we make sure that the technology in our future doesn’t stall the ingenuity of our present?

Toddler Rock Star 0

Toddler Rock Star

If you saw my tweets this week, you saw that my 18-month-old son managed a streak of ten on the drums playing Rock Band. There were eight people in the room watching, and we all cheered. It was my proudest moment as a father. He mainly plays drums, but I...

Crichton on Speculation 0

Crichton on Speculation

I’ve spent a few hours going through some of Michael Crichton’s older speeches, and one of his recurring themes is the prominence of speculation in media, and it’s spread into other places in society. The idea is that the main media venues realized that sensational, trailblazing speculation sells more papers...

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet 0

Secondhand Smoke Stole My Wallet

I love reading Michael Crichton’s speeches about science and global warming. He blows me away. recently I’ve been reading “Aliens Cause Global Warming“, which has a lot to say about scientific “consensus” and junk science. Included is this statement about secondhand smoke: In 1993, the EPA announced that second-hand smoke...