Writing Down the Jones


Crafty Copenhagen

This is the story that got me to buy this book. It’s been totally worth getting to this point. Should be required reading for the Dallas City Council.


This Is (One of Many Reasons) Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

You may have heard: today, the Federal Communications Commission SAVED TEH INTERWEBZ! The open internet finally got the protection it deserves from profit-hungry cable companies. The FCC just approved the strongest set of net neutrality rules in this country’s history, punctuating a years-long battle for this future of the internet. However,...


Lumbersexuality, Cultural Appropriation, and Crazy Talk

I have been busy, and so have not written in a while. But this half-coherent mess of an article has brought me lumbering back. Yeah, my puns are that bad. Deal with it. Disclosures: For those who don’t know, I have a full beard at the moment. It’s pretty fluffy....


Am I Too Honest…Or Not Honest Enough?

For those who don’t know, I got laid off recently. So for the last 15 days I’ve been back and forth with recruiters and interviewing pretty much all day. Last time I was looking for work, I owned interviews. I sat atop the world with the power to decide which agency...


WaPo Wants You to Know Just How Hard It Is

News stories like this infuriate me. Not for nearly the same reasons as it seems to bother my social media ecosphere today. America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others. […] It’s depressing, but not nearly so much as this: Even poor kids who do everything...


WDtJ Words of the Day: “Logic” & “Mobility”

Yesterday Jesus at Gizmodo shared his thoughts on this post from NPR: 40 Years Of Income Inequality In America, In Graphs. Wow, do things look grim… The graphic above on household income over the last 40 years is particularly striking: After adjusting to inflation, you can see that the lowest incomes...