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Four Truths About Education in America 1

Four Truths About Education in America

I just finished reading Charles Murray’s Real Education: Four simple truths for bringing America’s schools back to reality, and found it quite refreshing, and not just because I thought two of these things to be true before reading. Analyzing statistics on education, intelligence, ability, and achievement colleceted over the last hundred years, Murray says there are four things we must accept if we’re going to improve education in the US

Technology in Education 2

Technology in Education

Christian universities are competing with, and even outperforming others when it comes to technological innovation and integration into the classroom. But is there a cost associated with this advancement? How can we make sure that the technology in our future doesn’t stall the ingenuity of our present?

Pay for Play 2

Pay for Play

I care a lot about education, and I haven’t written about it nearly enough. The other night I heard some talk on the radio by a host out of Atlanta about Fulton County’s new “Learn & Earn” program. Here’s the gist from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Students will make approximately $8...