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WaPo Wants You to Know Just How Hard It Is

News stories like this infuriate me. Not for nearly the same reasons as it seems to bother my social media ecosphere today. America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others. […] It’s depressing, but not nearly so much as this: Even poor kids who do everything...

Is poverty always about being poor? 3

Is poverty always about being poor?

I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday about poverty in Guatemala. According to some research he did for a paper about 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. It sounded odd – that’s a huge portion of the population to be considered “poor”. So I had to...

2000 Verses 6

2000 Verses

There’s a movement afoot (how often do you get to use that word?) whose leaders like to repeat a particular statistic over and over.  I’ll pause and let you try to figure it out, as you list everyone who fits this description in your head.  Okay. Here’s a smattering of...