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The Three-Fifths Man 0

The Three-Fifths Man

I’m getting tired of hearing African American leaders toss the Three-Fifths Compromise into discussions about discrimination in America. Yesterday on Laura Ingraham Washington, D.C. Councilman Michael Brown was on with a local bishop discussing a same-sex marriage initiative in the District. He views it as a civil rights issue. I...

Repost: They Can’t Be Serious 0

Repost: They Can’t Be Serious

Originially posted December 14, 2007 Yesterday the New York Times Science section and today Good Morning America reported on a new study that came out in Nature: “Why Pregnant Women Don’t Tip Over”. Now, I don’t subscribe to the journal, so I don’t know if that’s the title of the...

Don’t Use the Tongs 5

Don’t Use the Tongs

I remember when I was a kid and I’d go to a birthday party or something that was being hosted by a moderate-to-severely uptight¬† mom, they’d never let us just grab a sandwich or some chips off of the tray. We had to use the tongs. They were the magical...