About the Jones

I used to have this high-minded essay about my love for reading and writing. They were legitimate statements, but had really nothing to do with why I created this site. The real reason is this: I’m smart, I’m informed, I’s can writez guud, and you’ll be better off for having read my gloriously articulated thoughts.

Wow, it’s nice to finally get that out.

I understand that you may not believe me, and that everyone loves humility. Unfortunately I’m not humble (and I’m not ashamed of it!). Fortunately, you don’t have to believe me, just read some of what’s hereĀ (I beg of you not to look any earlier than 2013…it’s for your own good), and know that I speak truth.

On a biographical note: I’m a web developer by day, working at a tech security company in the Dallas area, and by not-day I am President of the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce. I do love reading, and I love writing, but most importantly, I love sharing my insights and opinions. I think you’ll like what I have to share. And if you don’t, you should tell me why!

Thanks for stopping in!

The views expressed here are not the views of the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce, or the DJCC Foundation.