Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches

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  1. LayGuy says:

    First of all, thanks for the link to my site.

    I have read Driscoll's books and am about to start on this one so I thank you for your gist. I sort of had the impression that Pagitt is a bit of a weirdo and Kimball is ok. I haven't heard of the others.

    I, like you, get fired up when people elevate human reasoning and emotions, of all things, above God's truth. I guess that's why I like Driscoll's take on things so much. He is culturally liberal while theologically strict.

    I have my gripes against "Christianity" – well the organised, money driven, cliche buried kind, I also sense the need for the church to be relevant to a changing culture. But in doing so, need to stick to the truth of scripture without compromise.

    Driscoll's et al teaching on missional theology has gripped me and I can't get enough of the Acts 29, Resurgence and Mars Hill stuff. To the point where I passed all of this material to my Pastor and he was blown away by it so much, he had to take 3 weeks off to hear what God had to teach him in this area..

    Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you through your posts. I totally dig what you say about getting fired up – same here. I don't really care about politics but instead fire up against ignorance in science and human depravity declaring what's true in the bible and what isn't.

  2. Elmo says:

    I think my favorite Acts 29 pastor is Matt Chandler. His preaching is both evangelism and discipleship; he tells the whole Gospel every week, while still honing it in on one particular point. He's open, truthful, and blunt when it's necessary, without the grating nature of Driscoll. I think that's the reason he's not well known.

    I'm with you about "Christianity". In youth ministry it manifests itself with parents who don't want to be involved, but complain when things aren't just how they want, and a congregation that wants a social director instead of a minister. I know that's part of the job, but it should be secondary to the ministry part.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. Doug Pagitt says:

    Charles, thanks for the thoughts on the book.

    Sorry you didn't have your red pen ;0)

    Would love to hear your current thoughts and interest in science, I too am facinated by the thinking happening in many areas of science.

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