Pay for Play

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  1. Jennifer Snow says:

    I don't think it will register with teens that the reason they are getting paid now is to see the benefits of tommorrow. They probably feel like they are being bribed. If they really wanted to stress the importance of behaviors today that effect your future tommorrow, they should have them live on site in dorms and have each student pay "rent." Each student would have bills every day (instead of month) that would be the same. They would have to purchase toiletries and any extras out of their money they "earned" by being good students. Thus, reinforcing the idea of doing better in school will make you more money later and make their lives easier. They could even throw in an occassional hospital bill, flat tire, dentist, or optomitrist bill to show them that unplanned bills/ emergencies happen as well and savings is important. This will also reinforce the idea that they need good jobs and have to do well in school to get a good job. Without a good job, making regular monthly bills is hard enough, unplanned bills/ emergencies can take years to recover financially from, and savings accounts don't exist to cover unplanned bills/ emergencies of the future.

  2. Charles says:

    I agree with your first sentence. I just don't think that's the point of programs like this. It probably won't register with a teen that the money they're getting now is so they can see the benefits of finishing school. But what will register is that they can make $50 studying this week instead of running errands for a local drug dealer. They may not learn about delayed gratification right away, but they might hang around the school long enough that they stumble onto it later.

    As for the idea of immersing kids in the real world, I think it's a great idea.

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