Technology in Education

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  1. Jeff says:

    Please copywrite/trademark "Google Syndrome X" as soon as possible. It just screams meme. But yeah, I have learned…one phone number in the last 5 years. Maybe two. But aside from the general concern of culture shifts and increased generation gaps, I think it will work out. The transition from oral tradition to written went okay, even though all of that took, roughly, three thousand years.In any event, we'll all probably be cyborgs in the next thirty years anyway.

  2. Charles says:

    While civilization didn't self-destruct in the transition to a written society, and a great many things worked much better, not least the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation and culture to culture, that knowledge isn't a part of people anymore.

    Now, instead of internalizing information and marinating on it for a while (yes, I meant to say "marinate"), they read or hear something, then internalize an opinion based (loosely) on that information. They don't know the facts well enough to form an opinion, but the facts are "out there", so they don't have to. Which is why when you debate with someone and ask for facts, examples, or numbers, they say that they don't need to repeat it, you can find it yourself. Most people just assume that's true, whether it is or not – because they haven't internalized anything, either.

    I'll finish with this from the comments section of the linked article:

    Postman give the example of how King Solomon was praised in his day for knowing 3000 proverbs. In a world before writing was common, memorization and oral recitation were valued with many Jews in Jesus' day memorized the entire Pentateuch.

    Now that writing has become more common and everyone has a printed Bible, we have more access to the Scriptures than at any other time in history. Yet almost no one knows more than a few verses by heart. We don't seem nearly as adept at "meditating on it day and night."

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