The Depths of Friendship

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  1. Alison says:

    I'm about to get real-

    That whole walking on eggshells thing is crap! There is already way too much of that going on in the church and it's shameful.

    The other side of that was (when we were involved in a cult) to become just like the person who was discipling us, even their sinfulness. In that way, they would be confronted by their own sin and we wouldn't be "unsubmissive." I know- Crazy!

    Building a relationship is hard work. I'm like you- I don't trust easily. I've had my pearls trampled by too many swine. 😉

    • Charles says:

      Didn't you just love being in a cult? When I was in one we were supposed to confront our friends openly about their sin. Which would have been easy, because part of the membership process was giving the elders a written list of your sins, past and present. I didn't become a member, but I did see an expose on 20/20 shortly after I stopped going.

  2. Alison says:

    If it's the same group we were involved with, the rules were always changing. A prime example of how the scriptures can be twisted to SOMEBODY'S liking. How ego-maniacal.

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