The Legacy of Joe Jackson

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    • Charles says:

      He was definitely strange. But where else would a victim of chronic childhood abuse go with his life with no support and no limits?

  1. MiMi Jones says:

    As I watched the news yesterday I found that I wasn't surprised but I was sadden for a young man who had the whole world at this feet and he was not happy.

    I fully agree that by being pressured to perform, be cute, be perfect, be everything, he began to be nothing. His childhood was taken away and he had no time to play. Had you had the opportunity to visit Neverland I would have said yes, but there definately would be no sleep overs especially if it was after the rumors and allegations had been made. Any parent that would allow their child to be there without their supervision would be just a guilty as Mr. Jackson in my eyes.

    Michael obviously had an issue with how he looked. He was not satified with his African American features so he needed to change. But then that was good so he changed again and again. This is a sign of a person who does not love himself. This doesn't mean that all people who have plastic surgery don't love themselves. Having a chin put in where you have little to none to improve your appearance or having the hooding over your eyes removed as you aged to stop the impairment of your vision are different from multiple surgeries to completely change your looks.

    He was also obsessive about protecting the identity of his children. Perhaps because he never had any privacy when he went out. Just as all famous people.

    Performers and politicians suffer from the publics obsession with their lives. The public will give them no privacy. As I write I am filled with a feeling of empathy to all who are in the public eye. No wonder many have private, gated communities to keep the prying eyes of the public away.

    All parents make mistakes and Mr. Joe found a gold mine and mined all of it. In retrospect getting your hair relaxed wouldn't have been bad for us but the teasing for you would have been fierce. Of course when you showed up with blond hair while you were in college, I nearly flipped. But today, and everyday I am very proud of who you have become.

    • Charles says:

      I don't think his plastic surgery was about being uncomfortable with his black features. I think it was the result of being constantly picked on, and having no real comfort or encouragement from his parents. He was definitely a person plagued by insecurity.

      I think my blond hair was pretty similar, though I think it was less about insecurity, and more about wanting attention. And it worked.

  2. Nate Nichols says:

    Motown music is what my parents brought me up I've been listening to Jackson 5 since I was a toddler, I remember my mom dad and my little brother crowded around the tv watching him sing Billie Jean and watch him moonwalk for the first time. Thriller was the first tape I ever owned and its the only album I've bought 7 different times cause its been so warn out from play. I too like you also used to sit in my room and listen to his music for hours, trying to imitate the moves, listening to the lyrics and hearing the amazing productions. I'm sad that he's gone but I'm saddened more by his life he was very talented but screwed up. It started with his father and it was something he never overcame. I dont expect much from the media but its disturbing how much they focus on the negative of the last ten years. Even in his death he's still the subject of cheap shots. Nice blog its very well written and it echoes my sentiment.

    • Charles says:

      Thanks, Nate.

      It would have been hard to be in entertainment news over the last 15 years and not spend an inordinate (or appropriate) amount of time reporting Michael's sometimes eccentric, sometimes psychotic antics. But why was there no intervention? The guy was universally loved in 1992, and when he went haywire in 93-94, no one was willing to step in. It was like a train wreck, except the firefighters and rescue workers just stood in the crowd and watched it burn.

      There are a lot more people to blame for his downfall than him and Joe.

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