What do I do now?

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  1. John Dyer says:

    You rule. Take the risk!!

  2. Niema says:

    I can help you. The writers group I ran while in Arlington covered submissions and review. I can show you.tell you how to do some of the foot work. Editing is important and tangibles to connect with your reader as well.

    Let me know.

    I still have to get back to my prospectus for submission to an art/art history magazine.

    Let me know.

    BTW: Part of higher education is publication of works, especially if you ever teach at a seminary or other institution. Building your background of involvement early gets a jump on all the other candidates when they graduate as well.

    Besidews if you set in now to publish at least once every other year, you'll be set for alternative career choices if your chosen path ever gets stale.


  3. Beverly says:

    I have self-published and Niema has run a writer's group and has written articles so you have help within your family.

    The suggestion from your TA would not have come if what you have written was not of the highest caliber. Trust yourself. Trust your talent. Trust your love of what you do.

    Just allow yourself to say: I don't know how I am a great insightful writer with the aid of the Holy Spirit. I only know that I am now and I am grateful. This prayer will allow you to let go of the fear and the doubt and let God help you come into your greatness.

  4. Dawn Coe says:

    Get over it, Charles! Where else did you think this was going? If you want to have an effect on Christian education you are going to have to cultivate your voice and be be prepared to have it heard. What are you freaking over? The editor won't like it? The readers won't like it? So what? If it doesn't get published that doesn't mean you won't get accepted another time, and I can guarantee that at least one reader won't agree with what you have to say. Education is what you have decided you want to do, and publishing is a logical step in the process. You didn't seek this out, so God is guiding you. Find your courage!

  5. Charles says:

    Thanks for all of your encouragement. Unfortunately it is having no effect…

    Ok, really, I found a friend who is a writer who's going to look it over, and I'll be checking with a professor about content soon. I'll let you all know when it's finished!

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