Inventive Genius

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  1. Niema says:

    Invention is not on the whole a pleasureable process unless you have fulltime to delve into the deed. I need something to do this particular function and I need it now before this disease takes over the western seaboard is more like it. When the crises is aparant many will gear in and yes, produce almost anything if they are not serious. But sometimes the actualizing the productsof mental generators are what is need. ie." Don't just sit there, try, take a guess and tell someone about it."

    Then on the other hand are the tinkers. Which Benjamin Franklin was one. All his inventions from merely teetering and tinkering away in his shop after rounds of discovery of the natural world. Then I'd agree, curiousity has its place in the realms discovering invention.

  2. Charles says:

    Whitehead was speaking against just this mindset. Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions, many of which were centuries ahead of their time, came not from tinkering or from emergency, but from free, pleasurable thinking.

    What you get from crisis, like polio, is the iron lung. What you get from free thinking is penicillin. What you get from tinkering is the telegraph. What you get from free thinking is the radio.

    (da)Vinci, Tesla…they were free thinkers, and inventors that changed technology for centuries to follow. We still haven't moved past alternating current or the telephone.

    Free, pleasurable thinking will always bring about better invention than necessity or tinkering.

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