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Crafty Copenhagen

This is the story that got me to buy this book. It’s been totally worth getting to this point. Should be required reading for the Dallas City Council.


Am I Too Honest…Or Not Honest Enough?

For those who don’t know, I got laid off recently. So for the last 15 days I’ve been back and forth with recruiters and interviewing pretty much all day. Last time I was looking for work, I owned interviews. I sat...

WDtJ Words of the Day: “Logic” & “Mobility” 0

WDtJ Words of the Day: “Logic” & “Mobility”

Yesterday Jesus at Gizmodo shared his thoughts on this post from NPR: 40 Years Of Income Inequality In America, In Graphs. Wow, do things look grim… The graphic above on household income over the last 40 years is particularly striking: After...


Pop Significance

Yesterday I came across two loosely related links., and HuffPo’s “What Apple’s U2 Stunt Really Says About the Future of Music,” by Kristi York Wooten. The first is a pretty humorous collection of tweets from people who are not...


I See Changes

I don’t like national news. That’s a broad brush – I care plenty about the federal government’s activities and if there’s another coming banking crisis or something like that – but considering what makes national headlines, and (more importantly to me) what types...


I Don’t Sleep In

Holiday weekends are great. No obligations, no concerns, the only thing that can keep my from relaxing is me. I don’t do that very often, but I try not to let my “relaxing” get out of control. This can be...