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Christmas at Disney World (1 of 4)

I was blessed to marry into a family that has a regularly scheduled trip to Disney World. We typically go in November, but this year we got to go for the whole week of Christmas. It was a lot of...

Great Seats to see Dirk Score 41 2

Great Seats to see Dirk Score 41

Last night my father-in-law took me to see the Mavs and Spurs. He got us some great seats, and we got to see a great game. 5 starters were missing (Parker, Ginobili – who went down in the 1st, Marion,...

Reptile Fest: giant turtles are awesome 0

Reptile Fest: giant turtles are awesome

This weekend was ReptileFest at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. We took the little man and he had a blast. He touched a snake, threw sand around, and chased a stinkin’ huge turtle across the room. Gallery after...

I can haz candy? 0

I can haz candy?

This was little man’s first time to go trick-or-treat, and baby girl’s first Halloween. Cuteness after the jump.

Meet My Baby Girl!! 7

Meet My Baby Girl!!

She was born this morning (7/29) at 8:20. She was 12 days early and weighed 9lbs! Of course, that’s small for our families. Here are the first pictures from my camera. They aren’t the first ones online, because a friend...

July So Far 0

July So Far

July has been pretty packed. I’m not including pictures of the two papers I’ve written. That would be boring, and you don’t like boring.

Burger House = Awesome 2

Burger House = Awesome

One day last week we were looking for a good local burger place to replace our Tulsa favorite, Ron’s, so I hopped online and found Burger House. We had no idea whether it would be good or not, so we tried it on a whim. It was awesome.