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Crafty Copenhagen

This is the story that got me to buy this book. It’s been totally worth getting to this point. Should be required reading for the Dallas City Council.


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For me 2011 was, let’s say “difficult”. I had a lot on my plate: work, parenting, separation, divorce, an impending layoff, a new job, 2 moves, and learning how to date again. Keeping up with my still-growing reading list was...


Two Sad Realizations

I just coded a page where you can see my reading year-by-year, which can be found here. After I was finished, admiring my coding work, I noticed two things that made me a little sad. Last year I read 36...



When I started this project I decided that if I decided I didn’t like a book and couldn’t read any more, I wouldn’t. These are the books I abandoned this year: Moneyball Michael Lewis’ “behind the scenes” look at the...


Writing Reviews is Hard

Last week I posted review number 19 of 2010. Last night I finished book number 27. There’s a small gap, and the main problem is that writing reviews is hard. I enjoy the process of thinking through the book, discussing...

Book Winners 0

Book Winners

It was a hectic week and weekend, and I’m finally able to announce the winners of the two copies of The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society. Chosen at random from the comments here, likes on the Facebook page, and...

Percy Jackson and the Poorly Written Sequel 0

Percy Jackson and the Poorly Written Sequel

What happened, Rick? I really liked The Lightning Thief, and was looking forward to the rest of the series. I sat down last week to start my adventure with The Sea of Monsters, and was dumbfounded. I had to fight...

Book Giveaway: The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society 10

Book Giveaway: The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society

Early last year a friend recommended The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society, by Auburn poli-sci professor Murray Jardine, saying, “[It’s] one the most influential books on my thinking about society, culture, and technology.” It’s had a profound effect on...

Free Books! ($3.99 shipping) 0

Free Books! ($3.99 shipping)

Before I built my library here (using Ben Gunnink’s Now Reading Reloaded), I got familiar with It’s a good place to find recommendations for new books and keep up with what your bibliophilic friends are reading. It’s also a...

I Still Like Books 0

I Still Like Books

About a year ago I wrote a short (and poorly constructed) love letter to books. A few of my friends were quite excited about finally getting their own Kindles, but I didn’t think I’d ever want an e-reader, if I...