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Pop Significance

Yesterday I came across two loosely related links., and HuffPo’s “What Apple’s U2 Stunt Really Says About the Future of Music,” by Kristi York Wooten. The first is a pretty humorous collection of tweets from people who are not...


Beating up on Chris Brown

There’s been a lot of it. And honestly, I can understand the, uh, “distaste” most of the women I know have for him – it’s earned.

None of it starts to bother me until I hear someone say he shouldn’t be allowed to perform, or that his albums should be taken off the market. Yes, he’s a violent, [insert string of negative adjectives here], creep, and we don’t really like him. Some truly hate him for what he’s done. But does that mean that now he can’t work?

Talent & Humility, Redux 0

Talent & Humility, Redux

I originally posted this after seeing Incubus in Dallas over Labor Day weekend 2007. Last night I saw them again at the same venue, and it was another amazing show. The major difference is that this time there were a...

“…what we fear we could become.” 0

“…what we fear we could become.”

But as the first grieving fades, and all those people Jackson’s lawyers paid to keep quiet get other people to pay for their stories, the tabloid tattling will return. The noise should be as instructive as it is ugly. It...

I’m A Frayed Knot 3

I’m A Frayed Knot

I was just bumming around online today and I came across this article , “Is Christian Music Dying?”, in Collide magazine.  I looked at the first couple of paragraphs in print last month, but never got around to reading the...

Talent & Humility 0

Talent & Humility

Incubus is my favorite band. I’ve been listening to them for 7 or 8 years, and they just keep getting better. They’re sound is varying and original, the lyrics are deep (not in a “you are beautiful, no matter what...