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New Discipline, New Language, New World 0

New Discipline, New Language, New World

One of the problems we have with communication and the effective use of language is that no one can hear (or read) what we say the way we heard it when we said it. In Communication 101 you’ll learn that...

Is the dictionary the best source? 0

Is the dictionary the best source?

When an author is trying to convince you that something means what you know it doesn’t, they’ll often go to the dictionary for support. How can a virtual church be [a local church]? Glad you asked. If you look up...

Is postmodernism developed enough to be defined? 3

Is postmodernism developed enough to be defined?

“Postmodern” is becoming the “Attica” of an entire generation. Rather than a statement about excessive police force, it is the cry of a generation that feels it has been oppressed by the assumptions and worldview of its forebears. The language...

Monopolies 0


“You think you have a monopoly on the truth.” I have  run across this phrase, and others like it, far too many times. I’d like to encourage you never to use it again. It’s the worst kind of cop out,...

Wife Swap and the Liberal Mind 9

Wife Swap and the Liberal Mind

My son is sick, so my wife stayed home tonight while I went to praise team practice at the church. While I was gone she watched Wife Swap. Tonight’s episode swapped a very conservative Christian family with a very liberal...

Counterpoints: The God Delusion Preface 0

Counterpoints: The God Delusion Preface

Here we are. Ryan has summarized the project pretty well, so I’ll send you there to see his post first (if you’re returning, or started there, read on).

I’ll follow his lead in just a moment to give you a little background into me and my perspective, but I do have some comments about Dawkins preface to the God Delusion. Judging from the preface, much of his argument centers around the premise that Christians believe what they do because they were inculcated as children, and that teaching is so ingrained that they refuse to see the “truth” of his arguments. Unfortunately, none of this applies to me.

Counterpoints 0


You may or may not be familiar with the series by Zondervan in which people from different viewpoints each write a chapter and the others write a response. Though it was difficult at times, I’ve enjoyed reading Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World, and Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches. The format is interesting and fulfilling to see the arguments responded to immediately.

In light of that and the ridiculous discussions I have with my brother-in-law, we’ll be having a counterpoints-style discussion of our own.