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The Victim: Our Modern Hero

It’s a time honored tradition of people who are getting old to lament the disintegration of society as evidenced by the next generation. I mostly hate that tradition for two reasons: society wasn’t particularly wonderful when I was a kid,...


Pop Significance

Yesterday I came across two loosely related links., and HuffPo’s “What Apple’s U2 Stunt Really Says About the Future of Music,” by Kristi York Wooten. The first is a pretty humorous collection of tweets from people who are not...

Straight White Men Against the World 0

Straight White Men Against the World

A four-word anthem played on Twitter the other day, and I fell silent in awe: “SOCIAL MEDIA IS DISCO.” The author was Emily Nussbaum, a cultural critic I’ve admired for a long time. She was answering a question I’d raised...