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The Victim: Our Modern Hero

It’s a time honored tradition of people who are getting old to lament the disintegration of society as evidenced by the next generation. I mostly hate that tradition for two reasons: society wasn’t particularly wonderful when I was a kid,...

Integration 2


Me: Look! The University of Pennsylvania has a giant picture of a black scientist on the homepage. Wife:  And it says “integrating”.

The end of self-segregation? 0

The end of self-segregation?

I’ve never liked self-segregation. When my parents went to parties they would seek out the black attendees and they would link on to each other, as though any minute someone would try to force them out and they’d have to...

Prelude to Real Education Ch. 3 0

Prelude to Real Education Ch. 3

Last night I was sitting down to (finally) pen my comments on chapter three of Charles Murray’s Real Education – “Too many people are going to college” – when i found out that President Obama had upped the ante. I...

Four Truths About Education in America 1

Four Truths About Education in America

I just finished reading Charles Murray’s Real Education: Four simple truths for bringing America’s schools back to reality, and found it quite refreshing, and not just because I thought two of these things to be true before reading. Analyzing statistics on education, intelligence, ability, and achievement colleceted over the last hundred years, Murray says there are four things we must accept if we’re going to improve education in the US