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Common Ground 6

Common Ground

[Disclaimer: This post may make me seem divisive, but I don’t intend it to.] Why is the progressive Christian movement – led in part by Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, and others – so obsessed with finding common ground?...

Mark Driscoll and the Progressive Double Standard 7

Mark Driscoll and the Progressive Double Standard

As I thought a little bit more about the tendency I discussed in my last post, other instances of the progressive double standard came to mind.  The most glaring is all the flack Mark Driscoll has taken for pointing out...

Mark Driscoll on Point 0

Mark Driscoll on Point

I don’t often read something I so whole-heartedly agree with, so here it is, in its entirety: Mark Driscoll discussing Jesus and the woman at the well in John 4: “And in his greatest act of love for this woman,...