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Misusing Binet 0

Misusing Binet

Alfred Binet, a self-taught psychologist, created the scale which is now one of the best known measures of intelligence. In 1904 a French child psychology society began looking into determining which students would qualify for special education, and Binet –...

Of Mice and Moms: Inheriting Intelligence 0

Of Mice and Moms: Inheriting Intelligence

The heritability of intelligence is one of the bigger questions in debates about education and IQ. Some, including those attempting to perpetuate the current educational system, swear that heritability is of negligible importance, and environment makes all the difference. Others...

Problems with IQ 8

Problems with IQ

Over the last few days I’ve been doing some reading about intelligence and IQ scores, trying to get some other perspectives on the ideas in Real Education. What I’ve found has colored my thoughts about intelligence testing quite a bit. I...