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Great Seats to see Dirk Score 41 2

Great Seats to see Dirk Score 41

Last night my father-in-law took me to see the Mavs and Spurs. He got us some great seats, and we got to see a great game. 5 starters were missing (Parker, Ginobili – who went down in the 1st, Marion,...

Ah, Saturdays 0

Ah, Saturdays

Saturdays are usually pretty good. Today was no different. We had some kolaches, played a little b-ball at home, and headed out to the mall playground. Gotta love the weekend!

I Am Now a Photographer 1

I Am Now a Photographer

Well, not really. I haven’t gotten any better at taking pictures, but my camera has. Last week I sold my Canon Rebel XT and upgraded to an XTi. The upgrade wasn’t the big deal, what makes the difference is that...